Design Squad Global

Beginning this month, the Boys and Girls Club of Gardner will be participating in a 6 week long engineering project called Design Squad Global.

The program was created by PBS/WGBH and connects kids from around the world through engineering and creativity challenge.

Each DSG club is paired with another club in a different part of the world, and communicates through writing, photos, and videos to share ideas about the challenges they’ve done. Our club’s DSG group has been paired with two other groups, one in Boston, MA, and one in Hai Phong City, Vietnam.

Design Squad Global will be a regular B&G Club activity for members and will take place during normal club hours. We are offering this experience for up to 12 of our members. With this program we are very excited to learn more about how kids in other parts of the world live, as well as how their approach to the problems will differ from (or be similar to) how our own members approach them.

Our six week program will begin on March 29th and will regularly meet on Wednesdays.

For more information about Design Squad Global, you can visit