IC is adding up ‘Change for Charity’

Nashoba Publishing- 7/10/15
Worcester Telegram – 7/12/15

FITCHBURG — A little change can make a big difference. That’s the premise for IC’s new “Change for Charity” — a program in which the community can help support local organizations by using IC’s coin machines.

“Think about all the change you accumulate every day,” said Tony Emerson, president and CEO of IC. “What if a portion of that went to service-oriented organizations in our area that you, a family member, or even a neighbor receives help from?”

In a program that began Wednesday, a percentage of all coin machine transactions done by members and non-members alike will go to various predetermined charitable organizations, such as: GVNA HealthCare Inc., Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg & Leominster, HealthAlliance and local veterans associations.

“We are delighted to learn that we are one of the recipients of IC Federal Credit Union’s new philanthropic strategy,” said Elaine Fluet, president and CEO of GVNA.

For more information, visit www.iccreditunion.org.