Summer Brain Gain

Summer Brain Gain is six weeks of fun, theme-based activities designed to mitigate summer learning loss for early and upper elementary, middle, and high school youth. Each Common Core aligned learning module provides engaging project-based activities, with an emphasis on math, literacy, and 21st century skills.

Summer Brain Gain: READ

Summer Brain Gain: READ offers six weeks of literacy programming, introducing members to new books and engaging activities supportive of literacy skill development. Modules are available for lower and upper elementary, middle, and high school youth. Opportunities for both small group and individual reading are available each day.

In both programs, youth engage in learning through discovery, creative expression and collaborative group work that evolves into a final project or production. Club professionals support and guide participants in a manner more like a mentor or coach, rather than a teacher; therefore, Club members are the programs’ drivers and are highly engaged in both learning and fun. Daily, members experience BGCA’s four Essential E’s of project-based learning practices: engagement, expression, evaluation and exhibition.

Summer Brain Gain: STEM

Summer Brain Gain includes two weeks of STEM modules for elementary, middle, and high school youth. These week-long optional modules allow opportunities for Clubs to extend summer programming. The STEM supplemental modules are based upon the same framework as Summer Brain Gain and Summer Brain Gain: READ, but have content focused on science, technology, engineering and math.

The Summer Brain Gain team would like to thank the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation and National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) for supporting and pioneering the 2015 STEM learning modules. Each module is designed to spark curiosity, drive design thinking, and develop an innate interest in STEM careers.