Sports and Recreation

Physical health and fitness is important to the BGCFL, and as a result, sports are offered as an activity every day. While soccer, archery, cross-country running, and volleyball are all available for members, basketball is an especially big part of Club culture.

Each year, the Club runs two basketball leagues, one for the juniors and one for the teens. There were enough interested juniors in the 2014-2015 season to create six teams that played throughout the winter and spring, culminating in a championship game and celebratory banquet for all involved.

The Club has ideal facilities for basektball leagues, with three outdoor hoops and a full court indoors. It often houses or hosts games for local leagues and events, and hosts the Hoopfest, an annual 3 on 3 community tournament, as a fundraiser.

Heavy involvement in sports translates to a happy and healthy Club and a culture to be proud of. When combined with the STEAM focus, learning becomes synonymous with Club activities, and members cannot wait to be a part of the fun!

Available Sports Programs: